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Alexa Lynn
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There's no such thing as a nice girl.

You’ve heard it. You’ve probably said it. You might have been called it. On some level, you probably even believe you are it.

Let’s get something straight: Nice girls don’t exist, and the opposite of “nice” isn’t “bad.”

It’s not about lacking kindness or being mean.

It comes down to the fullness of being an authentic woman, and feeling into all of the true and real versions of who you are – from your smaller self, all the way up to your higher self.

Because guess what? You might think you are a nice girl, but instead, you are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and have multiple moving parts.

You have the power to…

  • Be “good enough” and better
  • Be authentic and share your truth
  • Ask for what you want
  • Tap into your fullness
  • Bring your dreams and desires to life
  • Look to yourself instead of outside sources
  • Be worthy and know (or remember) your value
  • Sensually thrive 
  • Claim your sexuality as yours
  • Be in a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and with others
  • Trust your inner power

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